Testing Strategies and Types

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Testing Strategies and Types

So you want to test your system effectively, where do you start? How many tests is enough? What kinds of testing should you do?

Testing is a vital aspect of the software development process. From unit testing as you develop code, to acceptance testing, when you present your software for final approval to the stakeholders, testing is your first and last line of defense against defects. In this lecture, we will discuss testing strategies (closed-box and open-box testing), as well as types of testing (unit, integration, acceptance, etc.), and how these all can help contribute to more reliable and less fault software.

Note: The terms “black-box” and “white-box” testing have been updated to “closed-box” and “open-box,” per guidance from the ACM’s Diversity and Inclusion Council. For more information, please see https://www.acm.org/diversity-inclusion/words-matter.

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